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Robert Ramkema

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7 October 2012

Unsung Utrecht

Recently I got an email from a friend which stated that Utrecht was mentioned in the Lonely Planet. The article’s heading read “10 of the world’s unsung places” and Utrecht holds a nifty 6th place. The author hit the mark quite well when mentioning that one has to look past the maze called Hoog Catharijne (HC) when arriving by train. HC is a big bulky 70’s style shopping mall which laughs in the face of aesthetics. Though it holds a lot of interesting shops and stores, the true beauty of the city lies beyond…

After you leave HC behind, you arrive in one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands. What once was nothing but a small Roman outpost, now holds beautiful streets, canals, architecture, museums, art galleries and much more. In my humble opinion Utrecht is the most beautiful and laidback place in Holland which holds lots of surprises and secrets, even for the inhabitants.

I’ve lived here most of my life. I grew up in a small town which is considered a suburb of Utrecht: IJsselstein. I’ve moved to the city when I went to college. During college I became a webeditor and projectmanager for a cultural website which focused on the arts and cultural life in Utrecht. I’ve learned and experienced that Utrecht has so much creativity and beautiful things to offer. For me, Utrecht is a little big town where there are always things and venues to (re)discover. And with the prospect of the celebration of 300 years Treaty of Utrecht in 2013 and the candidacy for Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018, there are exciting times at hand. Utrecht will be sung about...