Dutch ballet and dance are amongst the best in the world. Many foreign dancers and international music stars are attracted to work in Holland, work for Dutch dance companies, or collaborate with Dutch choreographers, DJs and producers.

Due the proximity of Paris and London, Amsterdam and The Hague (dance capital of Holland) have always been a venue for the best ballet performances in Europe. Even though Holland does not have a long ballet tradition, it is the home to some of the most respected ballet companies in the world such as the Netherlands Dans Theater, the Dutch National Ballet and Scapino Ballet.

Along with these three ballet companies and their performances, many internationally renowned dance festivals are organized on a regular basis. Cinedans, Holland Dance Festival and the Amsterdam Dance Festival are just few examples of extraordinary events bringing rhythm and dynamics to Dutch venues.


SPRING Performing Arts Festival

The heart of dance and theatre


Letting boundaries between dance and film fade
The Hague

Holland Dance Festival

Largest international dance festival

Amsterdam Dance Event

Gateway to the electronic music scene
The Hague


Tap into the global Zeitgeist

Internationale Keuze

Intriguing international theatre festival


Summery surprise of contemporary dance
The Hague

De Parade

Travelling fun-factor theatre festival

Circusstad Festival

Fantastical spectacle of circus theatre

Holland Festival

Theatrical blend of daring experiments
The Hague

CaDance Festival

Contemporary dance with no boundaries

Rotterdamse Schouwburg

A theatre where almost anything is possible
The Hague

Lucent Danstheater

World class dance in an architectural masterpiece