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25 February 2014

The Lotus Dome by Daan Roosegaarde

Lotus Dome by Daan Roosegaarde

Dutch artist, designer & architect Daan Roosegaarde is renowned for combining technology, architecture and nature in tactile high-tech works of art. Now showing at one of Amsterdam's best venues, the Rijksmuseum presents the luminous Lotus Dome; an excellent, engaging example of ‘Techno-poetry’.

Three reasons why Arts Holland recommends this:

#1: The Lotus Dome merges elements of architecture and nature into an interactive environment. The dome is a living structure made out of hundreds of smart flowers that respond to light and (body) heat. These foils, designed by Studio Roosgaarde, are made up of different layers of Mylar (a type of polyester).

Walking by the Lotus, the dome comes to life. Hundreds of aluminium foils unfold in an organic way, a deep bass sound fills the space and light projects the lotus flowers onto the walls. The dome generates transparent voids between private and public. Physical walls are made immaterial, giving way to a poetic morphing of space and people.

#2: This high-tech work of art has been travelling the world since it was created in 2012. Having been on display at a number of historical locations abroad, the Lotus Dome now faces a contemporary juxtaposition with the Rijksmuseum’s 18th-century period room.

#3: The Lotus Dome will be on display in the Rijksmuseum’s Beuning Room, an 18th-century Amsterdam room, originally from a Keizersgracht property. The mahogany paneling and original stucco ceiling with paintings by Jacob de Wit and Jurriaan Andriessen are typical of the 18th-century Rococo style.

"What’s so special about this work is that you can actually touch it, unlike other art in a museum. The relationship with the museum visitor is an intrinsic part of the work.” - Daan Roosegaarde

On show for the first time in Holland, this – for many reasons - is a must see!

Dates to remember: from 7 February through 5 May, 2014

Venue address: Rijksmuseum, Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam