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12 April 2013

Rijksmuseum open!

© Iwan Baan

After ten years of building, renovations, and restoration, the new Rijksmuseum opens her doors on Saturday 13 April 2013. The Rijksmuseum itself, the city of Amsterdam, Holland and perhaps even the world have all eagerly been counting down the days, waiting for the big opening.

The monumental Rijksmuseum houses the impressive works of famous Old Dutch Masters, including paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals. The entire collection, including drawings, prints and photos, consists of around 1,000,000 pieces.

Eregalerij, 2013Gallery of Honour

Three reasons why Arts Holland recommends this:

#1: For lovers of art, history and architecture, there is one museum in Holland that should not be missed. Whether one has visited before or are new to Holland or Amsterdam, this museum will (continue to) wow its visitors. The breath-taking Rijks displays over 8,000 artistic and historical objects that cover 800 years of Dutch history, displayed in 80 beautiful galleries and rooms.

#2: Another redesigned part of the museum that should not be overlooked are the beautiful museum gardens. For the 14,000 m2 gardens, a new lay out was created based on Pierre Cuypers' 1901 design. The gardens feature several of the original formal garden styles, classical statues, and ornaments of historic buildings. Later this year, a water artwork, and a 19th-century greenhouse with "forgotten" vegetables will be added to this outdoor extension of the museum.

#3: Holland's largest museum is located in Amsterdam's cultural hub, the Museum Square, alongside the Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Stedelijk Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum. With its rich architecture and the mix of other art disciplines, this square is the intersection of world class art in all its forms.

Voorhal, 2012Great Hall

Visit Saturday 13 April and enjoy a first glimpse of the refurbished Rijksmuseum from noon till midnight, for free! Or visit the museum on any other day of the year; the Rijksmuseum is open to the public 365 days a year, with free admission to everyone 18 years of age and under. Enter the world of Dutch Masters, enter the Rijksmuseum!

All images courtesy of Rijksmuseum, © Iwan Baan & Jannes Linders